The Trickster vocation specializes in confusion and trickery. Their ultimate goal is to make sure others are involved in chaos. They have the ability to make homemade bombs that can blind, deafen, etc. Because of their continual use of "explosive" type bombs, they actually have a skill dedicated to maximizing their effects and can be quite skilled with throwing actions as well.

Tricksters also have the ability to detect traps (but not disarm them). After all, they're all about knowing how to cause chaos and deception.

Like the Thief, they also have the Dodge skill which can aid them in avoiding attacks during combat. In addition, they can make it easier to flee from combat with their Caltrops skill. Not only does it allow the Trickster to deploy them successfully, but to also create them!

They are the only vocation with the Legerdemain skill that helps them in "dicey" situations. Whether this be to use forgery to create an ID pass, disguise yourself as someone else, or simply rip someone off by scamming them with sleight of hand and card tricks. Speaking of which, Tricksters have a dedicated Gambling skill that can increase their odds with games that aren't purely luck driven.