What type of party will you make???

Fortaeverse is a complex quasi-MMORPG in the making. The reason it is called it quasi, is because most features are not shared. A player can't be attacked by others, and their experience is mostly their own. There are only a few things that a player may experience that are "shared". These include items being bought/sold at shops, and a few rare quests that may be shared (quickest to complete the quest, wins). A player may optionally volunteer for their messages in combat (voice, effects, damage, etc) to be witnessed by other players. Other than that, a player wouldn't realize they're playing in a world with others!

Will be making an "offline" version where a long time supporter of mine will be able to install their own server, to make sure the game can be played forever, and not fall victim to being server dependent.

Fortaeverse uses content produced by others, and gives them credit.

Here is a list of credits for volunteers that have explicitly contributed their own creations/services (for free): Explicit Volunteers

Here is a list of implicit credits for content downloaded over The Internet: Implicit Credits