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Darrell Fortae - Creator of Fortae Quest Darrell Fortae - Creator of Fortae Quest.
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Fortaeverse is a complex and diverse multi-player text based RPG.

The universe has been created/manipulated by "the gods", for their own entertainment and experiments. No one knows how the gods achieved this (advanced knowledge of physics, a virtual machine/simulation, etc). Regardless, you are a participant. You can control 5 parties, each having up to 6 party members.

While some familiar laws of physics still apply, there are times when they seem to be broken (i.e. manipulated). For example, the gods have created "magic" and other various dimensions. The laws of thermodynamics still apply, although one may be unaware that energy is sometimes being harnassed/converted from various dimensions.

Also, the gods love manipulating time. Every 1 second of time as we know it results in 2 seconds passing in the game. Finally, while time still has a relative aspect related to matter, it doesn't follow the theory of relativity as we know it. Various actions and dimension usage results in accelerated (or reversed) aging of matter. There is no way to "time travel", but there is witnessed acceleration/decelleration at times.

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