Often referred to as "holy knights". The Paladin has a unique ability to heal a friend by laying of hands on them. It does drain a good amount of stamina doing so, and can only be done so often, but a very welcome skill never-the-less. While they aren't quite as skilled as knights are in combat, they are very good.

Their primary role is to help protect other party members. They have a special skill called Defend Ally that allows the Paladin to sacrifice themself for a single party member during combat. When this action is performed, the Paladin takes any damage and special effect that would have hit the other member. During that round, the Paladin cannot perform other actions while defending the ally, but very well may save their life! Paladins can be skilled with heavy armor like plate and mail, which increases their durability during the defending process. They are also very skilled with shields and can utilize them effectively while defending themself or others.