The Evoker specializes in summoning spells. Of course, this magic realm is called Evoking. What makes the Evoker so powerful is the fact that the summons are permanent! They will follow their master wherever he/she goes. It's a nice way to get extra support for battles and adventuring. In fact, some summons may even have non-combat skills that can be used as supplemental party members! The Evoker can choose to either focus their mind and action on controlling the summoned unit directly, or allow the summoned unit to act independently to free up the Evoker to perform other actions. No other spell caster has this ability. In addition, the higher the level of Evoker,the more potential for simultaneous summons! The number that can be summoned depends on the level of the Evoker compared to the total levels of the summons. For examples: Level 10 Evoker could summon 10 level 1 rats. Or, 2 level 4 rats. Or, 1 level 10+ rat. Just keep in mind that having minions around doesn't excite many "normal folk". Summons will leave their master if told to leave, so that's not too big of a worry.