When most people look for healing, they think of a Priest or Thaumaturgist. Those are great choices considering they use magic power. An Apothecary is the alternative. They specialize in substances that can aid and cure all sorts of conditions. In fact, they have skills dedicated to the art of curing. Apothecaries can begin curing various conditions that novice Priests would have no clue about. Also, since they aren't really spellcasters, they cannot be silenced!

The best trait about Apothecary curing is the fact that it can be done automatically without player intervention. When possible, they are constantly looking to heal and cure party members.

Apothecaries also specialize in Herbalism, and can find various ingredients in nature. From these ingredients, the Apothecary may produce other beneficial effects on party members. It is rumored that they can even permanently alter a party member's attributes, over time, with their concoctions. No other vocation can make that claim! As an added bonus, because they're always working with various substances, they are resistant to circulatory system effects.